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Watoji Notebook - 3 | Black and White collection

Watoji Notebook - 3 | Black and White collection

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Handcrafted Notebook
Black and White collection
Yotsome Toji binding
Covers: black сardstock double-layer - front / watercolor + pastel paper - back
Inner book: 24 sheets of white paper 80g + art title page
Size: 14 x 21 cm

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Anastasia Pakhomchik

Let us introduce the creator of PaNa brand!

Anastasia has been passionate about calligraphy for the past few years. Her focus has been specifically on contemporary expressive styles. She has a background in architecture, fine arts, and graphic design.

First and foremost, calligraphy is an art of mindful movement and meditation for her. She draws deep inspiration from the lines and textures of nature, constantly experimenting with various materials and tools.

Anastasia loves to create both beautiful and functional pieces. The Watoji notebooks made by PaNa boast a simple and elegant design with a unique appearance.

Explore her Black and White collection of handcrafted art notebooks!

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