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Sunglass Necklace - Blue

Sunglass Necklace - Blue

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This stylish and functional accessory is inspired by island living. With this necklace, your sunglasses will always be with you, instead of being accidentally forgotten at the beach, a café, or elsewhere. Each chain is handcrafted with natural stones, making it unique and one-of-a-kind.

It adds elegance to your island look and complements it perfectly.

 Stones: amazonite, howlite

Lenght : 50

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Hello there! I'm Alena and I've always enjoyed creating things for as long as I can remember! My hands have always been busy with tools and materials, while my mind was filled with ideas inspired by the world around me.

Regardless of what I was creating, whether it was drawing on walls, doing tattoos, henna, ceramics, or paintings — ritual, sacredness, and connecting with my higher self for the service of others were always important to me.

While living in Koh Phangan, I felt inspired to create sacred Lula jewelry for beautiful women. Each Lula strengthens the intention of its owner and serves her faithfully for several months. I have received numerous feedback that Lula has granted wishes and then simply falls off on its own, leaving the wearer in awe of its simple magic!

I also created sunglass necklaces for my husband and me, but eventually, I wanted to share this comfortable and stylish accessory with other islanders.

I hope you will also find a piece that holds a special meaning to you or gives a magic island vibe!

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