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Native American’s Beaded Earrings

Native American’s Beaded Earrings

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Long beaded earrings are made using patterns and symbols of North American Indigenous peoples. The length of the earrings, including the hook, is 13 cm. They beautifully elongate the neck.

The fish symbol holds special meaning for many Indigenous cultures in North America and can have various traditional meanings depending on the tribe.

For example, in some Indigenous traditions, fish may symbolize food, abundance, or wealth. In other cases, fish may be associated with a river or lake and hold spiritual significance as a connecting element between different aspects of life and the natural world.

In some Indigenous traditions, fish may also serve as a symbol of calmness and harmony. For instance, in some cultures, fish are used as adornments on meditation bracelets or earrings, which help create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

The fish symbol can also be used in various art forms, such as woodcarvings or pottery paintings, to express these traditional meanings.

Lenght : 13

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Julia Pospelova

Allow us to introduce the creator of Beadseria! Julia has been engaged in beadwork for over three years. It all began with a trip to Latin America, where the richness of impressions from the journey poured into the creativity of bead weaving. Julia loves the motifs of the Mexican Huichol Indians and the Native Americans of North America, and she uses their patterns in her work. She even chose the name of her brand in a Spanish-style.

Julia truly enjoys beading, loves to experiment with color combinations, and finds the process of creating to be fulfilling. She is grateful to be able to express herself through her craft.
Julia has been practicing Vipassana insight meditation for several years. She also finds working with beads to be a unique form of meditation.

Although Julia loves to travel and has visited many countries, she now prefers to live on Koh Phangan, which she considers her home and the best place on the planet.

Julia's passion lies in creating and wearing earrings, but she also crafts bracelets, chokers, headbands, hatbands, and keychains, all made out of beads. She absolutely adores beads! In her work, she only uses Japanese beads, which are currently the highest quality beads in the world.

May you find something special that speaks to you and ignites your own creative spark!

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