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Moon Candle & Incense Holder

Moon Candle & Incense Holder

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This round-faced moon candleholder features craters that double as windows for the candlelight. A matte bronze finish with a subtle gold sheen creates a mysterious mood that enchants all who lay eyes on it.

The candleholder's intricate details, including the half-closed almond-shaped eyes and a crescent on the forehead, cultivate a meditative state and contribute to the enigmatic ambiance in any environment. 

Beyond its aesthetic charm, the moon-shaped candleholder could be seen as a symbol of feminine power and intuition, serving to facilitate access to higher levels of consciousness.

Whether employed for spiritual practice, setting the tone for a romantic evening, or presented as a thoughtful gift, this piece transforms any space into a realm of serenity and spirituality.

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Maria Shiryaeva

Meet Maria, a visionary artist, creator, and ceramicist with over seven years of experience. She is the driving force behind ceramics studio, inspiring and guiding fellow potters on their creative journeys. Maria has a knack for bringing people together, whether it's teaching ceramics, leading workshops, or simply igniting a spark of inspiration in those around her.

Maria's hands are always busy, whether she's molding clay into beautiful forms or adding intricate textures and designs to raw pieces. She has a keen eye for finding inspiration in the world around her and showing others how to do the same. Her passion for creativity and art is evident in everything she does, and she devotes all her time to sharing her skills and knowledge with others.

In addition to her creative talents, Maria is also a certified mindfulness instructor, bringing a sense of calm and focus to her workshops and creations. By incorporating awareness meditation into her classes, she helps students to tap into their inner stillness and find greater clarity and creativity in their work.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Maria is a loving wife and mother, somehow managing to balance her home life with her passion for creating beautiful ceramics. Her boundless energy, infectious enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication make her an inspiration to all who know her.

Browse Maria's collection of exquisite ceramics, each piece a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft. Let her guide you on your own creative journey and discover the joy of bringing art to life with your own hands.

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