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Chakra Goddess Collection: Set of 7 essential oils

Chakra Goddess Collection: Set of 7 essential oils

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The Chakra Goddess collection is a 7-bottle kit elaborated to assist with cleansing and realigning chakras, as well as restoring balance, targeting the following 7 components:

Grounding: Kaew flower | Lavender | Forest amber | Neroli

Creativity: Geranium | Orange | Rosemary

Confidence: White tea | White lime | Lavender | Rosemary

Love: Leelawadee | White tea | Moke | Cedarwood | Cinnamon

Expression: Wild lime | White tea | Moke | Ylang-ylang

Intuition: Jasmin | Vanilla | Rosemary | Lavender

Bliss: Jasmin | Lotus | Leelawadee | Lavender

Chakra Goddess Collection

Our Chakra Goddess blends of essential oils is used for aromatherapy, a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being through sensory experiences.

The Chakra Goddess collection was created specifically to assist with cleansing and realigning the chakras, as well as to support emotional and spiritual balance. Each roll-up contains a unique blend of essential oils, whose specific fragrance results from the mindful examination of Thailand's native flower scents, whole-heartedly combined to honor women's feminine energy.

Beyond the physical and mental benefits of using essential oils, they are incredibly powerful allies to enhance your personal spiritual practice, whether it is during meditation, yoga, full-moon ceremonies, or manifesting rituals. We also recommend using this blend to strengthen the positive impact of your holistic health coaching practice.

How to use the blends:

  • Topically: Apply 1 or 2 drops directly to your skin (wrist or neck) or mix a drop or two with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil or other neutral oils) to avoid skin reactions.
  • Aromatically: Run the blend through a diffuser in your bedroom, living room, or office to create a purposeful ambiance.

All of our ceramic products can be customized to make them unique and personalized. If you're interested in adding a personal touch, shoot us a message and we'll make it happen!

Volume : 10 ml

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