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Rustic & Blue Bowl with Birds

Rustic & Blue Bowl with Birds

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This ceramic bowl is a stunning piece of art with a unique blend of rustic cracks on the outside and a smooth lake blue glaze on the inside. Its charming beauty is enhanced by the presence of tiny birds perched on its edge. The blue spots on their breasts add a delightful flow of color to the design.

Having breakfast in this exquisite bowl is an experience in itself. Whether it's a smoothie or granola, the beauty of the bowl elevates the entire meal. This bowl is the perfect companion for a cozy breakfast or a peaceful afternoon tea. Its design is so captivating that you may even find yourself admiring it long after your meal is finished.

Not dishwasher safe due to the glazing process used (milk firing and waxing)

Width: 11,5

Height: 9,5

Lenght : 12,5

Volume : 342

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Meet Albert Gariev, also known as Turbobbert, a multi-talented ceramist, illustrator, designer, and photographer based in Thailand. Albert has always had a passion for art and creativity, which led him to pursue a career in the visual arts.

As a ceramist, Albert creates unique and stunning pieces that are both functional and beautiful. His pieces are crafted with care and attention to detail, and each one is a work of art in its own right.

As an illustrator and designer, Albert brings his unique vision to life through his artwork. Whether he is creating illustrations for books or designing logos and branding for businesses, his work is always creative and original.

As a photographer, Albert captures the beauty of the world around him. From stunning landscapes to intimate portraits, his photographs are a testament to his talent and skill behind the lens.

Albert currently lives in Thailand with his family, where he continues to create and inspire with his art. Explore his portfolio today and discover the magic of Turbobbert's ceramics.

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