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Moby-Dick Plate

Moby-Dick Plate

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This is a ceramic plate created using the sgraffito technique, which involves applying pigment to wet clay and then using a sharp tool to scratch away any desired design once the pigment has partially dried. The plate transports you to a mysterious underwater world where a white whale, Moby-Dick, calmly swims among schools of fish. The intricate details of the design capture the grace and power of the whale, while the swirling patterns of the ocean convey a sense of movement and depth. This plate is sure to be a conversation starter and a stunning addition to any collection or dining table.

Width: 18 cm

Height: 2 cm

Lenght : 22 cm

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Vasilina is a traveler, writer, and ceramicist who has been practicing ceramics for nearly two years. Vasilina has a passion for minimalistic style and always strives to achieve it in her work. However, everytime she gets lost in the clay, creating wild forms that capture her imagination.

One of Vasilina's favourite techniques is sgraffito, which involves carving intricate patterns and designs into the clay. She is particularly drawn to marine themes, often incorporating sea creatures and coastal landscapes into her work.

Aside from her ceramic art, Vasilina is deeply interested in Buddhism and calligraphy, which she often intergates into her creations. She finds inspiration in her travels and experiences, infusing each piece with her unique perspective and creativity.

Explore Vasilina's collection of ceramics and discover the beauty and individuality of each piece. From her minimalist designs to her wild and free forms, Vasilina's work is a true reflection of her spirit and passion for the craft.

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